Last Trap Bruch

Last Trap Bruch

from 10.00

Last Trap Bruch is a luxe brunching experience like never before. Sat May 4th

Merging the world of visual, culinary & musical artists to create something taste full for all of your palettes.

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With a choice of 3 different meals ranging from "The Biggie" which is well, like big said, "A T-bone steak, cheese eggs & welch's grape..." but with a little culinary spin provided by our friends at Appealing Gourmet.

Not a beef eater, enjoy "The Outkast" which is blackened catfish over cheesy grits topped with fire roasted potatoes & peppers...or "Catfish, Grits & All that Pimp $#!+" as Andre & Big Boi so eloquently said it.

Lastly, if your looking for a vegan option you'll definitely love "The SchoolBoy" inspired by TDE's SchoolBoy Q's "Collard Greens" joint. Which is spicy greens topped with tomatoes & pepper on a bed of grits.

Needless to say whatever your appetite seeks we've got something on the menu for you, not to mention we'll rinse it all down with free mimosas. So, "the good folks" plan to see you at the table for The Last Trap Brunch. It's gone be a godly situation so come get blessed with these vibes.

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