SHow Your Art at SQ1****

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form and get your work seen. After review of your submission we will contact you with further instructions.

The Process

  • Make sure your art is signed before giving us your work.

  • Once accepted, we will contact you via phone or email.

  • Prepare your pieces by labeling them with (your name and the title of the piece only) on the back of each art piece you send in.

  • Deliver your art pieces to the Square One Culture Gallery or send via mail/UPS/FedEx. Artist is responsible for all transportation costs to and from art gallery.

  • When you come in you will sign an inventory sheet that records the your name, price of work, medium and dimensions of your artwork.

  • Expect that artists receive 85% of all sales on submitted artwork with 15% going to Square One Culture Gallery.

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Submission Section Email Us @ 

1) Email your Artist Bio: (Tell us and those who want to know about you),
2) Artist Statement
3) Your images: (Maybe a limit of 3)

All artwork approved will be shown in Square One Culture Gallery and online.